Masterplan image of Central Barangaroo

Central Barangaroo

Located between the commercial and residential hub of Barangaroo South and the headland park at Barangaroo Reserve, Central Barangaroo is destined to be the beating heart of Sydney’s new waterfront precinct.

Though it is the final part of the $6 billion+ project to be defined, planned and constructed, Central Barangaroo is key to the precinct’s eventual success.

The 5.2-hectare site, due to be finished in 2024, will contain the new Metro station linking the whole of Barangaroo to wider Sydney. 

It will also will feature the Sydney Steps, providing not only a spectacular pedestrian entry to Barangaroo from the CBD but also a 21st Century equivalent of Rome’s Spanish Steps where people will gather, greet and watch a variety of cultural and entertainment activities in the foreshore amphitheatre created below. 

The planned mix of cultural, recreational, residential, retail and commercial facilities is designed to ensure Central Barangaroo becomes a new civic square on a grand scale, delivering an exciting and unique range of public and cultural activities.

With its active and vibrant waterfront, Central Barangaroo will have a character of its own. Its innovative design will enable Barangaroo to fulfil its broader objective, ensuring half of the entire precinct is dedicated to public space – including a waterfront civic plaza and part of Wulugal Walk, the new foreshore promenade that will run the entire length of Barangaroo.

Central Barangaroo will also become the first precinct of its size in Australia to be climate positive: carbon neutral, water positive and zero waste.

With the announcement of a Metro station to be located at Central Barangaroo, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority launched a new tender process on 2 December 2015 for the development of this section of the precinct. The bid process is ongoing. To learn more visit here.

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