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Accessibility information

Getting to Vivid Sydney at Barangaroo

The best point of entry to Barangaroo (south) is from Kent Street, via the stairs or lift to Napoleon Plaza and across the Sussex Street Bridge.

There are additional entry points to Barangaroo (south) at the intersection of Hickson Road and Napoleon Street, travelling at grade to Watermans Quay, or via ramp to Shipwrights Walk. Another entry point can be found on Sussex Street via a ramp to Exchange Place. At grade entry points to Barangaroo (south) can also be found from King Street Wharf and Darling Harbour.

Tactile indicators are located at stairs, escalators, kerb ramps and other possible hazards within Barangaroo (south).

Public Transport

Barangaroo (south) is best accessed from Wynyard Station via the Wynyard Walk Tunnel. The tunnel exits at Napoleon Plaza, which connects to the Sussex Street Bridge, taking visitors to the main entry. Those with vision impairment crossing Napoleon Plaza should be aware of a large column that is currently not marked with tactile indicators. All changes of level along the route from Wynyard Station to Barangaroo (south) are accessible by lift and escalators.

The 324 and 325 bus routes travel along Sussex Street and Hickson Road, with a short journey to Barangaroo (south) entry points.

Those travelling to and from Barangaroo (south) by bus should note that due to construction, footpath conditions along Sussex Street and Hickson Road are subject to change. For up-to-date information call 1300 966 480.

From the bus station in Carrington Street at Wynyard, the best route to Barangaroo (south) is along the southern side of Margaret Street, crossing Clarence and Kent Streets. There is stair and lift access to Napoleon Plaza and onwards across the Sussex Street Bridge, where escalators and a lift provide access to Barangaroo (south).

If you use a wheelchair or other mobility device, the gradients from Carrington Street along Margaret Street are very steep and not advisable.

The closest ferry wharf to Barangaroo (South) is Darling Harbour. From the wharf, there is ramp access to the pedestrian pathway along King Street Wharf. This ramp is constructed of rough, uneven timber planks. From the top of the ramp, it is short distance along a smooth paving surface to Wulugul Walk in Barangaroo (South).

Accessible Parking
The nearest parking station with accessible parking is Secure Parking King Street Wharf at 1 Shelley Street. Telephone 8912 4900.

Eight accessible parking spaces are provided at Wilson Parking at Barangaroo Reserve. This carpark is approximately 800 metres from the entry to Barangaroo (south). Telephone 1 800 727 5464. From the car park travel along Hickson Rd towards Barangaroo (south), a lift is located on the corner of Hickson Rd and Napoleon St.

Drop-off, Pick-up points
A common sense approach is recommended in selecting a safe location to drop off or pick up. As conditions in the CBD change regularly, always select a safe location.

Accessing restaurants and shops
All of the restaurants, cafes and shops in Barangaroo (south) have on-grade access. Please call the restaurant ahead of time with any particular requirements or if you have questions.

Assistance animals are welcome in all parts of Barangaroo (south).

Accessible Toilets
Accessible public toilets are located on the eastern side of Barangaroo Avenue between Exchange Place and Mercantile Walk. Additional accessible toilets are available at the restaurants along Wulugul Walk.

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