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Aurora Eora


Public artworks
17 March to 28 May 2017

Soundscape in the Cutaway
10am – 5pm
26 March to 17 April


the Cutaway,
Barangaroo Reserve

Public artworks:
Nawi Cove and Exchange Place



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Aurora Eora is a new experience at Barangaroo which brings its stories to life through song and art. 

What would Barangaroo sound like if it was put to music? This was the challenge for Barangaroo Artistic Associate Gondwana Choirs and composer Alice Chance, who has created a suite of six musical pieces for various vocal ensembles, all inspired by the rich and diverse history of Barangaroo.

Alice Chance has used the stories and the unique nature of Barangaroo as the inspiration for the short pieces for young choristers. The works include Barangaroo and Bennelong for the junior singers, to The Hungry Mile for the young men’s choir, and Aurora Eora, which explores the extraordinary acoustics of the Cutaway.

So what are all the parts of Aurora Eora that you can experience?

Public Artworks 

To illustrate the Aurora Eora stories, Art Month has curated a site-wide exhibition of large artworks by acclaimed contemporary artists Tony Albert, Karen Black, Reko Rennie, Joan Ross and Gemma Smith. The works will be displayed on Art Walls throughout Barangaroo from 17 March.  Find out more

Live concert performance

On Saturday 25 March, Gondwana Choirs performed a twilight concert of Alice Chance’s compositions in the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve.

Soundscape in the Cutaway 

For three weeks from Sunday 26 March - 17 April, the music of Alice Chance and Gondwana Choirs will become an immersive sound installation in the Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve. The soundscape takes a pre-recorded version of the song, Aurora Eora, and transforms it into an immersive and large-scale sound experience.

Visitors to the Cutaway will experience the haunting acoustic qualities of the expansive space beneath the headland.

The composer Alice Chance says:“I invite you to walk to the middle of the space, lie down and listen. Listen to these words and their melodies on their own. Listen to the ways they intertwine. Sing and listen to your own voice mix into the texture. Absorb the sound world and let it accompany you home.”

Entry to the installation is from 10:00am – 5:00pm, and is free.

Aurora Eora Installation

From Sunday 26 March to 16 April, a large digital screen at the Cutaway will showcase the digital animated art works associated with each composition, accompanied by the songs pre-recorded by Gondwana Choirs.

Entry to the installation is from 10:00am – 5:00pm, and is free. 


1.  Tony Albert, in front of his artwork Studies of Barangaroo, with composer Alice Chance

2.  Joan Ross, All you can eat seafood buffet

3.  Reko Rennie, Home Sweet Home

4. Karen Black, Skimming the water

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