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Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest neighbourhood, and many of the streets within, are quite literally the city’s newest roads. Each has its own character and purpose, and you can follow them to explore our new dining and retail neighbourhood. There’s a story with every step.

Wulugul Walk has opened the ‘missing link’ of the city harbour shoreline for the first time in decades, and is home to a creative and tasty menu of experiences; Barangaroo Avenue is the city’s newest high street, combining a village-like atmosphere with a very modern array of dining and leisure destinations; Shipwright and Mercantile Walks, pay homage to the bustling early trading history of the site; while Scotch Row will shortly house an eclectic array of modern-day traders that walk in Barangaroo’s entrepreneurial footprint of the recent past.

You can enjoy an artisanal pastry on the footsteps of Australia’s most sustainable and modern office towers; the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the scent of the waterfront; and extraordinary corporate and residential architecture shares the stage with inspiring public artwork that respects the past and celebrates the future.

There’s so much to enjoy, and it’s only the beginning. Find out more

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