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Vivid Sydney 2017


26 May - 17 June
6.00pm - 11.00pm


Barangaroo's retail and dining precinct

Vivid Barangaroo Precinct Map




Follow an illuminated trail of installations through intimate laneways, past waterfront vistas and into a foodies' paradise.


1. A Day in the Light

You'll become part of the artwork with "A Day in the Light", created by French/Italian artistic collective Danny Rose. Moving through a mystical universe, you'll become immersed in light and sound melding together to recreate the phases of light over the course of a day. Sound, blending with light, makes this a synesthetic experience where you'll feel the sound relating to certain shades of light.

2. Trapdoor

Be treated to the amazing optical illusions of "Trapdoor", created by Sydney content maestros Spinifix Group, under the leadership of Vivid veteran Cyril de Baecque. Participants will hang onto their socks as the ground opens up to reveal a mysterious subterranean world, with floor murals and light bringing spectacular changing scenes to life.

3. You-niverse

An out of this world experience that puts you at the centre of your own "You-niverse". Pop on the wireless silent disco headphones and go on a voyage of discovery through a kaleidoscope of vibrant visuals and spectacular soundscapes, where you’ll encounter everything from Indigenous Elders and global explorers, to yoga festivals and ‘doof-doof’ music at Australian bush parties.

4. What Lies Beneath

Ever wondered what secrets lurk in the waters of Sydney Harbour? Join a colourful cast of characters from another world with "What Lies Beneath" as they explore the marvels and mysteries of one the world’s most beautiful bodies of water in this roving piece that will delight the young, and young at heart. 

5. Migration

Migration is a celebration of the gentle manta ray, and the mysterious stories of the deep it carries across the oceans. What is it that they carry, that we do not know? What are their stories of the waters? And what is the truth they hold in their spirit; in their gentle flight throughout the seas?

In Hawaii, the traditional name of the manta - hahalua - translates to ‘two breaths’. The first breath is their ‘water breath’, allowing them to dive to great depths, gathering knowledge and experience over their long lifespan. The second breath is their ‘air breath’, which they use when they breach. It is the breath with which they pass on their knowledge of the deep to those above the surface who do not yet know.

Barangaroo is only minutes away from King Street Wharf or from Wynyard Station via Wynyard Walk. More information on how to get to Vivid Sydney at Barangaroo.

A huge variety of food options will be on offer every evening during Vivid Sydney at Barangaroo. Find out more.

Find information for visitors with accessibility requirements here.

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